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The Artist

 I was born into a large midwest family where the love of photography took root. Working with an older brother in the late '60's, rolling our own 35mm film, shooting, and then developing black and whites in a basement darkroom that doubled as potato storage. After young years in Indiana and Florida, most of my life landed in North Texas, (34 yrs), raising a family. Blessed with a full career in aerospace and defense, the company closed the doors. Now semi-retired, Somerset, Kentucky is my home for the last 7yrs. With the basics taught by my brother, I have expanded my knowledge of photography as needed to accomplish the art. My birthname is Charles. Chazz as a nickname led to signing my abstract field photography as "Chazzo", (Pronounced shah-zo). I am most commonly known as Chuck Stanley. Art is beyond a hobby, as it has been a primary avenue on the road of recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2016.

From relearning my address and how my camera works, to being able to drive again, I am thankful each day to be alive and have this opportunity to share with you, now! God is good!



Designed as an online gallery to showcase my various personal works of art.  A maximum of 153 images, regardless of size, will be released to the public from the abstract field photography One of each image will be retained for exhibition and personal collection. Custom sizing is available for additional cost. Commissioned projects available on request. Each piece is hand signed and numbered, UV protective coat, with certificate of authenticity accompanying the canvases.

I'm drawn to seek out beauty and fascination in the often over-looked places of our environment.

From the prairies of Texas, hills of Kentucky, to urban alleys, the hunt is on to discover the forgotten and neglected splendor. Often decades in the making, yet moments in understanding, the image "speaks" of a yearning to be noticed. (We can see a bit of ourselves in this). I take great pleasure in bringing them home to share. The beauty of abstract art is the message can be left up to each individual viewer, often evoking subtle emotions and thought. My own intent and heart may be disclosed, but I hand off the journey's batton to each individual viewer.


"For interior design artist, collectors, and
art lovers worldwide"
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